Week 8 – Dutch

This weblog is about English and some parts of the English culture. I have talked about the language, the humour, the books, movies and series. About ways to get in touch with English people and also about the lack of English. It was all the Dutch view on English. But what if you look the other way around? The view of English people on Holland and Dutch people. I can tell you, that is interesting too! I have heard many question during holidays from people who were interested if I smoke weed (no), ride a bike (yes), eat cheese (also yes) and if there are many windmills in Holland (not that much).

A little while ago I found a weblog online, that was so funny, interesting and sweet, that I got stuck there for at least two hours. It’s called Stuff Dutch People Like and it is a view from someone non-Dutch on the Dutch culture with all its weirdness. Check it out here: http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com and laugh about the funny story on ‘hagelslag‘ or the perfect explanation for non-Dutchies of what ‘gezellig‘ means!

This weblog is handy for foreigners who are planning on visiting Holland and who are interested in the typical Dutch habits. However, for Dutch people, this blog might be even more awesome. While reading, you realise that some of the stuff that you do or eat, might seam completely weird to non-Dutchies. Riding a bike and drinking milk is so normal to us, that no one seems to realise, that it is not usual everywhere. Of course, everybody knows that ‘Sinterklaas’ is something very Dutch, but it is really nice to read the outsider view on this aspect of our culture. Therefore, no matter whether you are Dutch or not: go check out the weblog and be amazed by some very interesting stories!


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